"Going through Manuela Telesca's works of art is like starting a journey in multiple journeys

It is a meeting with nature - its precious and noble materials, as well as the useful and modest ones; it means being in close, hand contact with their potential and flaws, imagining they are something else, conforming to their ductility without forcing, letting them have the lead and transforming them when inspired by emotions and ideas.

The sculptures use metals to bind materials together; metals are the heart and soul of the artwork, they become the protagonists or main characters in a concert that keeps harmonising thanks to the suggestions of shapes, starting from a defect or twisted corner.

When combined together, they become indestructible and seem to be malleable to the touch, even when they are not, showing their true soul and going beyond themselves. New synergies and different relationships between elements are created in this way.

Fragments of a scattered whole are put together and combined with one another, in continuous experimentation. This constant research is the real strength of artworks that transcend craftsmanship and become unique, because it is impossible to find the same materials and the deepest goal is to continuously change the shape."

Rossella Batassa
Art Historian

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